CB Radio-assisted overtakes – or will they turn out to be collisions?

Safe to overtake?

Lots of GoldWings are equipped with CB radio so that bike-to-bike communications is available to some if not all during a group ride.  Chatting on the radio can add both enjoyment and humour to a ride, as I was reminded recently when we were out in a small group, all on CB, and while passing a primary school Ian announced that it was his old school – and that he had been kept back by his teacher at the age of five for not being able to draw a frog.

For some reason this really tickled me and it was fortunate that there was nothing complicated to do in the way of riding at the time because I couldn’t stop laughing for ages.  This early but major life-event had clearly scarred him deeply.  I couldn’t stop laughing again when he confessed sadly that he still couldn’t draw a frog.

I can still remember laughing out loud the first time I heard Dennis chirp out of nowhere with “So I said to this horse, why the long face?”.  It was very funny. Of course Dennis did have a tendency to say the same thing quite frequently and it wasn’t quite so funny every time but on lots of tours I did with Elite Wings the CB radio was both useful and entertaining.

CB communication is also useful in a number of ways for group riding and it can make dropping off or other ways of keeping everyone on route and together almost completely unnecessary.  Of course CB only works reliably “line of sight” and out to a maximum of about mile so it’s not the complete solution. continues………