Berwick GoldWing Light Parade – new for 2014
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Click on the poster to see a larger image

Berwick on Tweed, the coastal Border Town, is to host a GoldWing Light Parade next year on Saturday 6th September 2014.

GoldWing Misfits, the thriving independent GoldWing Club, are trying their hands at organising a GoldWing Light Parade, following the decision not to run Scarborough for 2014.   Scarborough Light Parade is also now an independent Event and if all goes well Berwick and Scarborough may alternate in early September for future years.

Accommodation has been arranged at the Berwick Holiday Park, which is occupies a clifftop position just outside Town.  This is a large holiday caravan park with excellent indoor facilities including a swimming pool and sports hall and there’s also an 18 hole golf course nearby.  There are no facilities for camping, touring caravans or motorhomes on this site; it’s all static caravans.

There’s no rush to book your accommodation yet but a discounted rate is on offer until the end of February,  so it will be worth booking before then.  Ring the Holiday Park directly on 01289 307113 and mention “GoldWings” to get your discounted rate.  You can follow the planning for the Event on Misfits’s Facebook Page.

Berwick is an attractive Town and should make a good Light Parade venue.  GoldWing Misfits is a very active Club and they have lots of experience of attending Light Parades, so they should know what to do to make this work.  The charity to benefit will be the RNLI and the local lifeboat team are likely to be involved.



Light Parade News
HOW MUCH do they lose? (As they ask in Yorkshire)

They lost HOW MUCH?
(As they ask in Yorkshire)

If you haven’t been visiting the GoldWing Light Parade Website to catch the news, you have probably been missing something.

There have been a series of intersting “newsy” developments lately and although the next Light Parade is some time away yet, there’s plenty going on.

New announcements about additional facilities for example – the Welsh Guards are coming to the Llandudno Light Parade and GoldWings will be providing them with a guard of honour rather than the other way around for a change – but there is other news too, including attempts by GWOCGB’s Committee to scupper the Scarborough Light Parade, which last year was their Club’s only successful National Event.

To read more visit the Light Parade Website click here (and keep doing it regularly) or maybe even better subscribe to RSS feeds from the website to ensure you don’t miss the latest news.

You wouldn’t want to miss the news that GWOCGB lost £27,000 last year mishandling their own big event, would you?

Hunstanton – Snowy but they still raised over £500 for charity
Better luck with this bit next year!

Better luck with this bit next year!

The Hunstanton Light Parade suffered from the coldest March for 50 years and some of the Wingers who had booked simply couldn’t make it because they were snowed in at home. East Anglia had a lot of snow too so it was remarkable that anyone made it, let alone that they still put on a display.

In the end they had 40 inscriptions, at least 20 bikes showed up and they managed a display on The Green for a while before the cold defeated them. And come time for the evening parade, or Light Run, as they call it, the snow was falling again so discretion had to be the better part of valour.

They nevertheless raised £500 for East Anglia Air Ambulance and at least the bar at Searles Holiday Park was warm and dry.

Well done Norfolk Wings for sticking at it and better luck with the weather next year.

The GoldWing Light Parade Season starts soon
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There are four large-scale UK GoldWing Light Parades scheduled for 2013, the first one taking place at Hunstanton later this month.  The other three take place close together towards the end of the season.

There’s a big difference between what’s being provided and what it will cost you to attend and these days maybe you need to look more closely at cost and value as well as distance, to gurad your pennies.

The best way to find out where they are and whether they are worth going to is to visit the GoldWing Light Parade Website, where they are all conventiently listed.

Each event also has a set of Details pages, where you can find out further information.  Links are provided to the Organiser’s own websites where available but the advantage of using this site is that the information is provided independently and impartially, so it will include unfavourable as well as favourable stuff.  So it’s a bit like a consumer’s comparrison website!

The GoldWing Light Parade Website is provided by the Federation of UK GoldWing Clubs as a free service to UK Wingers and no charges are made to even organisers for promoting their events either.

Llandudno Light Parade 2013
Llandudno Goldwing Light Parade 2013LoRes

Click on the image to go to the Llandudno Light Parade Website

A Light Parade, a Taxi and a Scabby Knee

And was I glad to see one of these guys!

Chester was the first GoldWing Light Parade I’ve attended on foot – and I discovered within ten minutes of the start that it’s far safer to participate on a GoldWing.

It had been a very showery day – more dull clouds showers and sunshine, even though the sun did show its face from time to time.  But in the way which Blackpool Light Parades always seemed to do, come Parade Mustering Time the weather had cleared and the streets were dry.  The omens were good.

And if the weather forecast had kept some Wingers away from Chester altogether then the ones who did turn out (around 70 of them) most stayed on to ride in the Parade.  It was a very successful and, I’m told, a very enjoyable GoldWing Light Parade and the City of Chester and Chester Lions are both keen to run it again next year.  There are photos and videos of the Parade on the Light Parade Website if you would like to look at them.

The Police Escort which had been promised turned up in plenty of time and so did the Lord Mayor, soon-to-be Biker Chick Mrs Eleanor Johnson, who was to ride on a trike courtesy of Dave Bayliss, aka Biggles.  Likewise Corrie Star Ian Puleston Davies who was promoted from riding his own classic scooter to passenger on Jim Nightingale’s  solo GL1800.

I wandered around taking lots of photos of happy Wingers and their bikes and then, as the Parade set off, kept clicking away, down on continues………

How to Organise a GoldWing Light Parade

Owen the Corrie Builder with Dave Crowley and Winger friends looking forward to Chester

The Chester Lions GoldWing Light Parade will take place next Saturday, April 21st and it represents a new approach to the running of this type of gathering which, assuming it’s successful, which thanks to a lot of work by those concerned looks very likely, could open the door to partnerships between Wingers and local charitable organisations which could literally transform the GoldWing Light Parade scene.

While the more familiar, Blackpool-style Light Parades, organised entirely by Wingers, might be struggling to remain attractive, Chester promises to be very well attended indeed.

The turnout, especially of day-tripper Wingers, will depend to some extent on the weather of course, but even if it turn out to be showery, the shops and cafes of Chester’s pedestrianised City Centre, where the bikes will be displayed and through which the evening Parade will ride, offers plenty of shelter and interest, so maybe April showers won’t really matter.

It's all happening in Chester this weekend!

Thanks to the excellent publicity in and around Chester which Chester Lions have organised extremely well – with the aditonal attractions of celebrities and even Giant Royals to compliment the GoldWings, the crowds will certainly be out in force to view the bikes as they park up for the day in Bridge Street, Northgate, Eastgate and the other quaint, attractive – and on Saturday car-free streets, which will be given over entirely to the Event – which Chester Lions will use as the basis for an ambitious charity collection.  Chester Lions are hoping to raise well over £10,000 for their charities. continues………

Chester Light Parade – less than 2 weeks to go!

You gotta look cool to mix with Wingers!

Coronation Street Star Ian Puleston Davies, who plays Owen the Builder in Coronation Street, will be turning out on Wednesday next at 2.15 pm at Smiths Honda, the new Franchised Honda Motorcycle Dealership in Chistleton, Chester, for the final publicity photoshoot for the Chester Lions GoldWing Light Parade.

Once again The Lord Mayor, Eleanor Johnson, will also be there – she’s been incredibly supportive of this Event already and plans to spend most of the Event Day, Saturday April 21st, trying to earn her Biker Chick Wings.

Chester the Cat, local radio station Dee 106.3 FM will also be present again, as will members of the Smiths Honda Team, hopefully including Karen Smith, family member and Company Director.

Free on Wednesday to come along?  All Wingers are welcome to attend this photoshoot, the more the merrier.  Come along and meet the celebs, watch the action and maybe get your bike in the pictures which will be in the local newspapers, on the internet, maybe even the telly!

The Chester Lions GoldWing Light Parade is shaping up to be the Event of the Year for Wingers so don’t miss out.  You can arrive in Chester any time after 10.30 am on Saturday April 18th and enter the pedestrianised area in the City Centre via Bridge Street to enjoy privileged parking, hosted by Chester Lions and sponsored by Smiths Honda.

This is an all-clubs-no-clubs Charity Event and all Wingers are welcome.

Never mind the mother-inlaw’s birthday or even her funeral, come to Chester on Saturday April 21st for the most fun you’ll have all year! For further details click here.

The Wirral Egg Run is next Sunday – one of the highlights of the biking year

This coming Sunday sees one of the biggest gatherings of bikers of the year, the Wirral Egg Run, an annual charity meet and ride involving thousands of bikers – as many as seven thousand are believed to have attended the 2009 Egg Run.

Bikers riding all sorts of machines, including lots of GoldWings, will be gathering from 9am onwards by the seaside at New Brighton on the Wirral to ride together, departing from about 11 am, along a 20 mile route to Claterbridge Hospital to deliver Easter Eggs for sick children.

There is a choice of fast and scenic ways to get to New Brighton sea front where there is an enormous open area for bikes to park up for a natter and/or some refreshment before the off.

Meet up at New Brighton, depart 11 am onwards

And GoldWing riders, in spite of the vast open area, always seen to manage to congregate together.  probably something to do with GoldWings being easy to spot in a crowd!  No clubs no fuss, just a nice opportunity to do something worthwhile with lots of other Wingers and other bikers – and then to either join the crowd go for lunch afterwards or do your own thing.

Needless to say that even a hospital full of sick children could eat several thousand easter eggs but so there is a system for donating money instead – which can be in cash or by cheque on the day or on line via the Wirral Egg Run Website.   One way or another your donation and/or your Easter Egg will end up serving a worthy cause. continues………

VIP Photoshoot for the Chester Light Parade – Saturday April 21st

Soon-to-be Biker Chick, Lord Mayor Eleanor and her new Winger friends

The Lord Mayor of Chester, Eleanor Johnson, was supported by Chester The Cat, Dee 106 Radio’s mascot, at a photo-shoot held at the newly opening premises of the Event Sponsor Smiths Honda in Christleton, Chester yesterday to promote the Chester Lions GoldWing Light Parade to be held in the City Centre on Saturday April 21st  – now less than four weeks time!

Left to right in the picture are: Dave Turvey, Chairman of GoldWings North Wales, Lyn and Dave Crowley, Lead GoldWing Organiser, the Lord Mayor, Colin Towell, Sales Manager of Smiths Honda, Chester the Cat (Dee 106fm Mascot) and Karen (Smiths Honda Admin Manager).

This is a ground-breaking Event which is being supported by GoldWing clubs across the Country and promises to attract an exceptionally high GoldWing attendance for a one-day charity event.  Of course for many Wingers the opportunity to make a weekend of it couldn’t be resisted; special rates at hotels and a local campsite detailed on the Light Parade Website.

Enter via Bridge Street after 10.30 am

Wingers are welcome to come for the day and may enter the pedestrianised area in the City Centre where the day time display takes place any time after 10.30am where, for a small registration charge which goes to charity, they can spend the day, posing and/or purchasing in the many shops and cafes.  No need to pre-book in any way – just turn up and enter via Bridge Street as on the map.

The City will be thronged with appreciative crowds and there will be lots of other attractions including, rumour has it, some gigantic royal participation – not to mention Chester the Cat prowling the streets looking for company!

And in the evening, with the Lord  Mayor on board earning her spurs as a Biker Chick, there will be a GoldWing Light Parade, again through the pedestrianised City Centre.  Cheshire Police are being extremely helpful and a team of Police Motorcyclists will be escorting the Parade, which should ensure a smooth progress and easy riding, even for novice Wingers.

Chester is easy enough to get to for the day and if you can stay for the weekend even better – you will even be able to make the GWOCGB AGM on the following day if you don’t dally over breakfast. continues………

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