Bill takes his GL1800 to Primary School

It’s not often that sixty odd year old men can capture the attention of 250 young school children all in one go without serious risk of being arrested these days but Bill and I managed it last week – and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the process.

A mutual friend and biker, now also a Methodist Minister, had asked us to tale our bikes along for a bit of a show he wanted to put on for the children as part of a School Assembly which he holds from time to time.

Mention the words “show” and “bike” in the same sentence to Bill and you’ve got his attention straight away so on the appointed day we made our rendezvous and rode together to Cottam Primary School in Preston.  Bill’s bike was immaculate as usual and I’d made a bit of an effort too by giving mine a wash ealrier that morning.

The bikes were parked up outside and we were invited into the Staff Room by Ray, our dog-collared biker mate, for a brew and something to eat.   The idea of being invited into a school staff room, as opposed to being told to wait outside one for a telling off or worse, was unfamiliar to either of us and there were no male teachers at this school, as in most Primaries these days, so entering an entirely female workplace was a bit of a daunting prospect to.  Nothing like as bad as having to face the Ward Sister of a gynaecology ward when I was a medical student, but you probably get the idea.

Primary schools are also like Fort Knox these days with secure doors, signing in and wearing visitors badges continues………