Aussie Prankster-Plonkers

Mel Greig and Michael Christian, DJ/Journalists

When I was sixty I decided that I was too old to solve the world’s problems and I would therefore relieve myself of all responsibility for doing so and become a spectator. It would also help my blood pressure problem to disengage in this way.

So apart from remaining active on the UK GoldWing scene, I haven’t done badly in keeping to this resolve, even though the occasional news story winds me up.  I’ve resisted the occasional temptation to comment on current affairs, except for GoldWing matters.

But recent current affairs stories have wound me up and there isn’t much biking news at present, so forgive me readers, but I’m climbing on to a soapbox to pontificate about matters in which I claim no expertise, just a grumpy old man’s entitlement to hold a view.

And I have worked with and benefited from the care of a few nurses, including nurses of Indian, i.e. Hindu origins, who have always struck me as rather special.  So, in my view, is the Duchess of Cambridge; how she manages to maintain that lovely smile when she’s on duty amazes me.

Even before news broke about the suicide and identity of the London nurse who had been duped by the phone call from the two Aussie DJs, their shameless bragging about the “royal prank” they had pulled and the failure to spot their poor attempts to imitate the Queen and Prince Charles had got right up my nose.

There was poor Kate, head in a bucket and drip in her arm, vomiting for England (and Australia) in the service of our royal succession, and these two low-lifes thought it was fair dinkum to try to lie their way into getting put through to her on the phone at 5.30 am.  She’s a Royal now, so it’s OK to take the piss by doing this sort of thing to get attention and thereby to boost your station’s ratings.  That made whoever took the call fair game too. continues………