Failing older drivers – and motorhomes

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As we get older, we inevitably suffer decline in our reaction times, awareness of what’s going on around us and some other elements of our driving skills.  Those of us who don’t recognise this and take appropriate action, or decide to carry on regardless anyway, can become a source of serious risk to other road users.

Even previously very good drivers can become bad and dangerous ones unless we do something to prevent it.  Every so often we see a news story about some elderly driver causing chaos by driving the wrong way around the M25 or something along those lines.

What can be done?  How can we extend an individual’s safe driving career when derioration starts and, if that’s not achievable any longer, how can we safeguard the interests of other road users, by making sure that older drivers give up driving when they need to do so?

Refresher traing is one way of helping, and that’s what this article is about.  I volunteered for such a Course and enjoyed it.  It helped me to consider whether I was driving safely and showed me how to keep myself driving safely for longer.

Formally re-testing older drivers might be another way of discovering who is developing continues………