1970s Wessex Sidecar For Sale – Now Sold
Wessex Sidecar with fat man inside and Dalmatian trying to join him

Wessex Sidecar with fat man inside and Dalmatian trying to join him

Edwards’s sidecar is also for sale as a result of the decision to refurbish him as a solo bike, so here is your chance to buy an interesting 1970s period sidecar with a full set of fittings.

Modern sidecars might be more comodious but for a classic bike there is something about a period sidecar which just fits.  This one has a graceful and attractive line and doesn’t look at all old fashioned.

SONY DSCRelatively few of these sidecars were made, perhaps as few as seven of this particular type.  It has an integral frame inside a glass fibre moulding construction which is both strong and elegant and reasonably light.

It has a “bubble”, aircraft cockpit-style canopy which hinges forwards to assit entrance and exit and there is plenty of room for an adult of any size, although a tall man would probably find his head up in the fresh air, as in the photo.  For a lady or child passenger it provides plenty of height, under the cover if necessary, as well as plenty of width for anyone.

The sidecar also has a large luggage compartment behind the seat; plenty big enough for luggage and camping gear as necessary – more or less as much as you like.  Both sidecar and the linkage bars are very rubust and there is really no prospect of overloading it.

It is in excellent original condition apart from the tyre of course, which was a new one quite recently.  It takes a mini car tyre so there is no danger of not being able to get one.  It has a built-in sidelight/indicator and tail/brake/indicator combinations.

A unique opportunity – Graham Whitaker’s Custom GL1100 is For Sale

A unique Custom GL1100 - click for an enlarged view

No two GoldWings are completely alike but just occasionally a very special one appears and Graham’s rebuilt and re-modelled GL1100 is nothing if not unique.

I featured this bike in one of my Exceptional GoldWings articles and now its for sale.  You can read the article about it by clicking here.

Graham took a GL1100 frame and engine, which he rebuilt internally to give it a completely new lease of life, then powder coated both to make them look like new, then installed a modified rear suspension and a marvellous combination of GL1500 trunk and GL1800 saddlebags, together with some parts from other bikes and some specially made panels to join them all up seemlessly, so that you would never believe this bike had not come off a production line or at least out of a manufacturer’s special build workshop.

It is simply stunning to look at and Graham has proved that it also works reliably by using it and taking it on long distance tours.

If you want a very special GoldWing, this is your chance.  The bike is for sale and Graham is inviting offers over £5,000.

Contact Graham on 0161 283 3251 or 07946 543027

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For sale – Possibly the Best Goldwing Trailer available in UK
A unique design, specially adapted for a GoldWing

A unique design, specially adapted for a GoldWing

If you want an open trailer to transport a GoldWing behind a motorhome, this one-off, professionally adapted (and originally professionally built) trailer is probably the best you could ever hope to find – and it’s for sale for £1, 295.

The owner has sold his Wing in favour of a smaller bike and he wants to trail both his and his son’s bike and this one’s not really suitable for adaptation to that role – and anyway it’s so well suited for use with a GoldWing that he wants a Winger to have the benefit of it rather than mess it about by converting it to a different use.

This trailer started life as a Kliponoff Trailer, so it was plenty strong enough to carry a Wing, even though it has a single axle.  It’s fully braked of course and continues………