Good Egg Award for Nigel and Joanna Mackintosh

Nigel Mackintosh, founding Federation Webmaster and therefore architect of all the Federation’s IT structure, has had his very considerable contribution to the UK GoldWing Community recognised by a Good Egg Award from this Blog.

Without Nigel the Federation, which runs entirely on the internet, could never have taken off as it did.  He’s a very talented website builder and during the past three or four years, during which I’ve worked with him fairly closely, he has come up with some very ingenious solutions to geeky problems.

Fortunately, perhaps partly due to my relentless use of the term, Nigel no longer seems to take offence at being called a geek and perhaps even bears it with pride.

Nigel started his work for the GoldWing community by building the original North Wales Wings website and then the original Blackpool Light Parade Website, which he later re-built into it’s present, spectacular form, and since then he’s done a new one for GoldWings North Wales, the Federation’s main website and the various club websites for the Federation’s affiliated clubs.

And in 2008 he built this Blog for me, which thanks to his clever original styling, which has stood the test of time, the Blog continues to grow and to attract more readers.

Nigel’s graphic art skills have been important too and he has been very patient when I’ve pestered him for this or that “last little” refinement as we developed a badge design together.  Both the Federation and Blog badges were his work, as have been many other club and event badges – including most recently the very clever 2012 Southport Light Parade Carousel Badge.


Jim Cretney gets a Good Egg Award

Jim Cretney and his wife Tracy, so it’s a joint award really and they’ll both get Badges, have done an exceptional amount of work using their various GoldWings to collect money and toys for charity.  If Jim is present at almost any GoldWing event he will be seen energetically lifting children on and of his bike for photos or in some other way bustling around, working his socks off for a worthy cause.

And for several years Jim and Tracy have also organised the Manchester Salvation Army Toy Run, usually requiring a lot of physical work laying out the parking markers as well as all the planning effort.

Jim well deserves the status of Good Egg, as does Tracy for her support.  Tracy is currently in hospital so hopefully the award of this exclusive patch will cheer her up a bit.


Dave Sharp takes a break – and receives this Blog’s first ever GOOD EGG Award

First Recipient - Dave Sharp

In any GoldWing club, and in any other club come to that, there are always takers and givers, the givers being the ones who do the grafting without complaint and often without seeking the limelight either.  For ‘Appy Wanderers and for the past seven years, Dave Sharp has been one such Giver.

On the occasion of his impending retirement from his day job, Dave has also decided to retire from his volunteer role as co-founder, chief scribe and Tail End Charlie par excellence of  the ‘Appy Wanderers GoldWing Touring Club.  Dave is hanging up his marshal’s hi viz vest in order to give a bit of priority to his personal bucket list for a while – before old age starts creeping up on him, he wants to tick off a few of the things he has long wanted to do as soon as his chance came.

Dave is a colourful character and by no means a shrinking violet but he has wilingly played, at least as far the public view of things is concerned, second fiddle to the more gregarious (and certainly much noisier!) Barry.  Dave’s willingness to serve uncomplainingly as Tail End Charlie for the ‘Appy Wanderer’s ride out and tours for years and years is nothing short of heroic.

Much credit goes to Dave’s wife Julie who, with Barry’s wife Tina, will have kept the pair of them under discrete control and will doubtless have dug them out of holes from time to time.  The ‘Appy Wanders’s team of “givers” has expanded in recent times and this has allowed Dave some relief from his self-imposed labours but as Barry has made clear in circulating his thanks to Dave with the announcement of his stepping down, Dave did a huge amount of willing work and without Dave there simply would not have been ‘Appy Wanderers.  As the more literate, and some would say more intellectual of the pair (or at least the better speller!) Dave had a very important role in developing the ‘Appy Wanderers ethos.

This ethos, summed up in the phrase “Riding not Rows”, so no politics, just riding with friends, will be his as well as Barry’s lasting legacy.  As other Wanderers-style regional clubs form around the Country, as is rumoured to be in prospect, Dave will deserve a big share of the credit for inventing the concept and setting the right tone. continues………