Legal Responsibilities of a Group Ride Leader

John Measures, Solicitor, 0800 021 3065 or 0115 931 5167

I came across an interesting internet article  on this subject by John Measures, who is both an enthusiastic biker and a solicitor. Barratts, where he works, is a firm of East Midlands Solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims for motorcyclists.

A biker who was leading a small group of bikes was prosecuted for speeding, as were his riding mates.  They were all caught riding at speeds considerably in excess of the prevailing 60 mph limit, especially the following riders who were riding even faster that the leading bike.  In deciding the sentence to impose on the leading rider the Court took into account that as leader he was setting the pace for the group of bikes and by speeding himself when leading a group he had therefore aggravated his own speeding offence.  On this basis he was given stiffer punishment than he would otherwise have got.

In his Article John Measures considers the implications for other bikers who act as Group Ride Leaders, for both criminal prosecutions and civil liability.

John makes it clear that there is no need to be panicked into refusing to lead rides; ride leaders are not continues………

Appy Wanderers April 2010 Ride Out

Barry Walton has circulated details of the Appy Wanderers Ride Out which he and Dave are organising for April 18th.

The rendezvous is Wooley Edge Services on the M1 Southbound at 9.30am.

The Route will take in Matlock Bath for a short halt then on to the Blue John Cavern near Castleton, where you will have time for the guided tour.  Castleton is a nice place to stop anyway with plenty of eateries and a decent fish & chip shop too.

Then a scenic way homewards towards Yorkshire via the Woodhead Pass before some back roads (and coming back to earth) in Huddersfield.

All GoldWing riders are welcome, no club membership of any kind required and there is no charge for the services of this pair of experienced Ride Leaders, although you will have to listen to Barry (or pretend to be listening) attentively as usual during the refreshment stops!