GL1800 Brake Recall Reminder – has your bike been checked?
Brake Recall

Secondary master cylinder mounted behind the LH fork with the special inspection tool in place for the recall check

HondaUK haven’t had the response they were hoping for to the Safety Recall affecting GL1800 brakes, so they are asking for support from owners clubs (and from this Blog) to get the recall message repeated.

The recall concerns a risk of the compensator port of the braking system’s secondary master cylinder, which is fitted to the left fork of GL1800s, becoming blocked, which can cause the bike’s rear brake to drag which can affect handling as well as cause overheating of the rear brake assembly.  A more detailed of the potential fault and the procedure which Honda Dealers would follow to test for it is described in earlier articles on this Blog, which are listed below.

Doubtless Honda would want to make a safety recall effective anyway but in UK they have to account to VOSA for reasonable success in the level of notification and owner compliance.  On this occasion, perhaps because they haven’t noticed relevant symptoms while riding so assume there is no fault on their bike, UK GL1800 owners don’t seem to have responded well to this recall.

It makes no sense to ignore it and failure to have your bike checked could result in difficulties when it comes time to sell your bike.  Honda will do the test and any necessary repairs free of charge.  This recall applies to all GL1800s manufactured in America, including some which may have been sold in UK as 2009, 2010 and even 2011 bikes.

If you are in any way uncertain about whether your bike has been checked for this fault, please contact HondaUK on 0845 200 8000.

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An Update on the GL1800 Brake Secondary Master Cylinder Safety Recall

Click on the image for an enlargement

Although Honda have not published details of the inspection procedure in UK a copy of Honda America’s Service Bulletin has appeared on the internet and can be viewed by clicking here.

It’s a bit difficult for non-engineers to grasp what the inspection is about from this technical bulletin but it appears to involve rotating the secondary master cylinder (by inserting a special tool in place of one of the mounting bolts) as far as it will go in a clockwise direction (i.e. in an unfavourable way) to see of the rear wheel then drags after a test application of the rear brake.   In other words to force the piston alignment of the secondary master cyinder as far as possible in the potentially brake-dragging direction to see if it then causes the brakes to drag.

If the rear wheel locks up after this test or if resistance to rotation (measured as in the third picture) exceeds 5.1 kg (11.2 lbs)  the bike has failed the test and the secondary master cyclider requires replacement.

Having done this test of how the secondary master cylinder performs with the most unfavourable piston rod angle which can be contrived, the mounting bolts are tightened up again with rotating force applied in the opposite, counter-clockwise direction, to optimise the piston rod entry angle, as in the fourth picture.

According to this Service bullettin all GL1800s from 2000 -2010 are subject to this recall and even some of the 2012 Model GL1800s are affected, so it’s not just some of them as originally thought – which at least makes it easier for UK GL1800 owners; your 2001-20010 GL1800 will require this inspection and all of us will get a letter from Honda UK eventually. continues………

Safety Recall on Kuryakyn Floorboards

Passenger Floorboards, Part No 7005

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a safety recall alert for aftermarket passenger floorboards sold by Kuryakyn since September 2008 as accessories for 2001-2011 GoldWing GL1800s.

The recall affects a total of 21,600 sets of floorboards and the problem is that the mounting bracket may crack and break off, causing the floorboard to detach from the motorcycle,  possibly injuring riders or cause collisions.  Only about 50 sets of these floorboards have been sold in UK since September 2008 and there have been no reported failures at all.

The Kuryakyn Part Number quoted on the US Recall Notice is 607005 but this doesn’t compute because Kuryakyn usually allocates four digit part numbers to accessories.  I have however been able to get confirmation from Kuryakyn that it is the Passenger Floorboard, Part Number 7005, which is affected.  The rider’s footboard kit, Part Number 4038, is not subject to this recall.

You can view the official US recall notice by Clicking Here.

It may be some time before the UK’s vehicle safety authority, VOSA, issue their own recall notice and because there have been no continues………

HondaUK make a statement about the GL1800 Brake Recall

GL1800 - 2001 Model Year

Honda (UK) has recently been informed by Honda Motor Europe of a safety recall for the 2001 to 2012 year model Goldwing (GL1800) although in Europe, only 2001- 2010 year models are affected.

The exact fault is that the secondary master cylinder compensator port may become blocked, resulting in potential rear wheel brake drag, and a temperature increase on the rear brake, exceeding specifications.

What has caused this? A combination of small free play of the secondary master cylinder piston and large push rod angle, coupled with primary seal swelling, may block the compensator port of the secondary master cylinder.

The ‘fix’ for this problem will be that the dealer will inspect the secondary master cylinder with an inspection tool and if brake drag potential is detected, the secondary master cylinder will be replaced with an improved one which has a slightly different angle.

A total of just over 160,000 machines globally are potentially affected (with approximately 20,000 of these being in Europe), although, a total of 26 cases have been reported as showing symptoms in the US market but there have been no incidents at all reported in Europe.

Approximately 1,800 UK specification registered machines are affected, although until Honda (UK) receives further information from the DVLA, we do not know the total number of machines that may be affected in the UK as this will also include some US specification machines. Any US specification machines in the UK would be included in the recall and be attended to by the Honda (UK) dealer network.

In terms of the process, VOSA have recently approved the recall and provided authority to DVLA to release customer information to Honda (UK) of owners whose machines may be affected and we hope to receive this information in the coming weeks. During this time, Honda (UK) will be sending a recall notification to our dealer network early next week and so at present, our dealer network would not be fully aware of the situation, which is something some of your blog followers have experienced during their visits to some dealerships. Once Honda (UK) receives this information from DVLA, letters will then be sent out to all relevant customers notifying them of the recall and the action for them to take. We anticipate customers will receive this letter from Honda (UK) early in the new year.

In the meantime, Honda can confirm that the motorcycles are safe to ride as the symptoms only manifest themselves under very specific conditions.

However if customers do have any concerns they should contact Honda (UK) on:

0845 200 8000

Fiona Cole, Corporate Affairs,  Honda (UK)

Safety Recall on GoldWing GL1800 Braking System – all years

Nothing to panic about but Honda America has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that a potential defect relating to motor vehicle safety exists in the secondary master cylinder on certain 2001-2010 and 2012 model year GL1800 motorcycles.  This safety recall is likely to be declared by HondaUK in due course.

Note that the following details are from the American declaration and the inspection and repair procedure which HondaUK adopt may vary from this, depending on the view of the UK Authorities.  As far as safety recalls are concerned, the manufacturer has to secure the approval of the national safety authorities for the inspection and repair action.

Owners will be sent a letter inviting them to make an appointment with a Honda Dealer to have their bike checked and/or fixed.  Because this is a safety recall, i.e. the fault could affect the bike’s safety,HondaUK  will apply it to all affected GL1800s registered in UK, including parallel imports.  HondaUK  are allowed to get the names and addresses of the owners from DVLA in these circumstances, although having used them to issue the recall letters they are not allowed to keep them.

Nature of the potential fault:

The compensating port hole inside the secondary master cylinder (part of the combined-braking system) can become blocked due to either stacking of tolerances in manufacturing and/or sufficient swelling of the primary pressure cup inside the master cylinder.

If the compensating port hole becomes completely blocked, the rear wheel brake caliper can drag after the rider releases the brake input. If this occurs, the rear brake temperature and pressure progressively increase. Unexpected braking increases the risk of a crash and continued riding with the brake engaged can generate enough heat to cause the rear brake to catch fire.

This doesn’t mean that there is a high risk of unexpected severe braking or a fire, just that there is enough of a potential risk for Honda to have to do something about it.

Inspection and Repair

Honda Motorcycle Dealers will inspect the secondary master cylinder of all affected motorcycles.  If an inspection indicates that the compensator port hole can become blocked due to this problem, the Dealer will replace the secondary master cylinder.   These inspections and repairs (if needed) will be carried out free of charge.

Target dates for all American GoldWing owners to have received their letter is the end of January 2012.  Honda America has apologised for any inconvenience this creates, but feels the safety of our customers is the highest priority and encourages every customer to contact their dealer to schedule an appointment upon receiving the SAFETY RECALL letter.

HondaUK is expected to do something similar without unnecessary delay although their timescale might be determined by how quickly they can secure the approval of the relevant UK Authorities.

HondaUK have a very good track record when it comes to handling this sort of thing – as good as if not better than Honda America.  There is no indication as far as I can see that anyone needs to stop riding their bike until the inspection has been carried out although any rider does notice dragging of the rear brake it would obviously make sense to investigate rather than ignore it.

You can contact HondaUK’s Motorcycle Customer Relations Team on 01753 590510.