Special pre-Christmas BMF Show Ticket Offer

BMF Show Peterborough - a big, big event

The BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation) to which both the Federation of UK GoldWing Clubs and GWOCGB are affialated, are currently offering Three for Two on all 2012 BMF Show Tickets, so if youwill be going to any of their Shows next year you can make worthwhile savings.

The offer only runs until December 23rd, so you will have to be quick.

The offer is for BMF Members only but this includes all Wingers who are members of Federation Clubs or of GWOCGB, since they are, by virtue of their Club’s affiliation, BMF Associate Members.

As an Associate Member you will need to use your Club’s BMF 2011 Discount Code to get the special deal.   This Discount Code was distributed to Federation Clubs late last year and should have been passed on to all Members but in case you’ve lost it it’s FED11M449.  (The 2012 Code has already been distributed to Federation Clubs as well so make sure you use the 2011 Code for this special offer, it’s still 2011 remember!)

I don’t have the equivalent GWOCGB Code of course but you should be able to get it either from your Regional Rep or from the Club’s General Secretary if necessary.

BMF Show Dates for 2012 are:

BMF Peterborough – 19th – 20th May 2012

Bikefest Kelso – 7th – 8th Jul 2012

Tailend Peterborough – 15th – 16th Sep 2012

For a list of ticket types and prices for all these Shows Click Here.

The On Line booking system is not easy to fathom so once you’ve decided what you want to buy I suggest you buy your tickets over the telephone by ringing 0844 884 5151.

The lines are open Mon-Fri 9-6 and Sat 10-5.

AwingAway wishes you Happy Christmas


Dave Partridge, who over the last couple of years has established a new type of local and mobile GoldWing servicing and repair service, AwingAway, has circulated his customers and friends with this Christmas Greeting, which I thought was a nice idea and worthy of passing on.

He does his bit for the GoldWing community by volunteering as the Federation’s Technical Adviser, in which capacity he’s been answering all sorts of questions, including in foreign languages, so well done Dave.  And thank you on behalf of UK Wingers for your unfailing helpfulness.