Where are you Pete Ticehurst?

How can I make contact with someone I’ve lost touch with I was wondering – and the obvious answer for me (and other Wingers if they wish) is to make use of this Blog, which is now widely read among the UK GoldWing Community.

Pete Ticehurst, when I last heard, was in process of restoring a GL1000 Executive and was missing the clock housing, as pictured here. I have some good news for him.

This clock was a unique feature of the GoldWing Executive, which was a limited edition of only 51 (maybe 52) GL1000 K1 bikes which Honda UK had specially modified before sale.  The bikes were given a special paint scheme and a Rickman fairing was added.  The electric clock was fitted in a special pod above the instrument module.

Ever since Pete mention his difficulty getting one of these mounting pods I’ve been keeping my eyes open for one – and just recently I’ve found one, or rather I mentioned it to Graham Whitaker, who was helping to get my GoldWing Executive out of hibernation, who promptly said he though he had one in his garage.  And he had, now I’ve got it, waiting for a means to send it onto Pete.

So, if Pete reads this, or if anyone who knows him spots it, please make contact.

If anyone else wants to re-establish contact with a lost Winger friend who might read this Blog, they are also welcome to send e information for publication.  Please supply a suitable photo or some other image as well as details of the person you want to make contact with and why.  This facility is not intended for use by debt collectors and the like!