How to use this Blog

This Blog is a growing collection of feature and reference articles for people who ride Honda GoldWing motorcycles and/or have motorhomes.

It’s more of a magazine than a discussion forum, although discussions sometimes take place.  Guest articles are published and anyone is welcome to submit an article as well as to make comments.

Finding your way around:

  • The latest Articles always appear at the top of the Home Page, so it’s easy to check if there’s something new to read.
  • Articles often include links, words highlighted in yellow which you can click on to access additional information.
  • They are mostly illustrated and you can usually click on any image to see an enlargement of it.
  • Lots of Articles have reference value, so if you are new to the Blog you should click on Contents to see what’s available.

For example

There is a Series on  Buying a GoldWing and another on  Group Riding Skills which newcomers to GoldWings will find useful.

There are technical Articles too, such as the Series on Installing Electrical Accessories & Lighting.


The Blog has system of Categories, listed on the right hand side of the screen, which will help you browse through what you might be interested in. Just click on the Category you are interested in.

Comments and Guest Articles

You may Comment on any Article and you will find an invitation to do so when you reach the end of it.  Comments are subject to approval and editing before they go live.

Readers are also encouraged to write Guest Articles about anything of  interest to Wingers.  Don’t worry if you can’t spell or use punctuation, editing help will be offered – just Contact Stuart about your idea and we’ll take it from there.

The Blog can also be used by any Winger or Club (or GWOCGB Region) to advertise or report on events or Ride Outs or to offer things for sale.