HondaUK make a statement about the GL1800 Brake Recall

GL1800 - 2001 Model Year

Honda (UK) has recently been informed by Honda Motor Europe of a safety recall for the 2001 to 2012 year model Goldwing (GL1800) although in Europe, only 2001- 2010 year models are affected.

The exact fault is that the secondary master cylinder compensator port may become blocked, resulting in potential rear wheel brake drag, and a temperature increase on the rear brake, exceeding specifications.

What has caused this? A combination of small free play of the secondary master cylinder piston and large push rod angle, coupled with primary seal swelling, may block the compensator port of the secondary master cylinder.

The ‘fix’ for this problem will be that the dealer will inspect the secondary master cylinder with an inspection tool and if brake drag potential is detected, the secondary master cylinder will be replaced with an improved one which has a slightly different angle.

A total of just over 160,000 machines globally are potentially affected (with approximately 20,000 of these being in Europe), although, a total of 26 cases have been reported as showing symptoms in the US market but there have been no incidents at all reported in Europe.

Approximately 1,800 UK specification registered machines are affected, although until Honda (UK) receives further information from the DVLA, we do not know the total number of machines that may be affected in the UK as this will also include some US specification machines. Any US specification machines in the UK would be included in the recall and be attended to by the Honda (UK) dealer network.

In terms of the process, VOSA have recently approved the recall and provided authority to DVLA to release customer information to Honda (UK) of owners whose machines may be affected and we hope to receive this information in the coming weeks. During this time, Honda (UK) will be sending a recall notification to our dealer network early next week and so at present, our dealer network would not be fully aware of the situation, which is something some of your blog followers have experienced during their visits to some dealerships. Once Honda (UK) receives this information from DVLA, letters will then be sent out to all relevant customers notifying them of the recall and the action for them to take. We anticipate customers will receive this letter from Honda (UK) early in the new year.

In the meantime, Honda can confirm that the motorcycles are safe to ride as the symptoms only manifest themselves under very specific conditions.

However if customers do have any concerns they should contact Honda (UK) on:

0845 200 8000

Fiona Cole, Corporate Affairs,  Honda (UK)

6 Responses

  1. David Williams says ........

    Why does it all take so long? Miss Fiona needs to come for a ride on my bike, the brakes could be good or they might be bad. Computers at DVLA and at Honda should be able to determine those effected in the blink of an eye. If not, one system is wrong!

  2. Stuart says ........

    I think HondaUK have been reasonably quick off the mark this time – and I fear that bureaucracy, Data Protection constraints and such like impose difficulties and delays, even with the best of intentions.

    If geeks ruled the world lots of things might happen instantaneously – but would they always be the right things? ;)

    Next time I talk to Ms Cole (not sure I would risk calling her “Miss”) I’ll pass on your invitation David. If she accepts can I come and watch?

  3. Celia Steventon ( Elite Wings) says ........

    We have just heard that one of the members of Elite Wings has been contacted by Honda UK to take their GB spec wing in for a brake inspection. It should only take 45 mins or so he has been told

  4. Deon van Tonder says ........

    What will happen if your bike was imported? I am from South Africa and my bike was imported from the USA. With the fierce competition here with the local guys and gray importers, this recall will most likely be ignored by our Honda agents as the bike was not purchased from them and I doubt it very much if they would stick their neck out for me.

  5. Stuart says ........

    HondaUK will not do ordinary product recalls for personal imports, only safety recalls – which they are obliged to do by UK Safety Authorities. If the defect puts the safety of the bike at risk, the manuafacturer has no option but to comply.

    Whether this will be the same in South Africa I don’t know. If you have the equivalent to our VOSA, I suggest you approach them directly with a copy of the US documentation and ask them to impliment it in your Country. Failing that you will need to apply the inspection procedure yourself or pay someone to do it and sooner or later the details of that will appear on the internet somewhere. If I can get a copy I’ll publish the information on here. Unless you are unlucky, replacing the secondary master cylinder won’t be necessary and even if it is, they don’t cost a king’s ransome.

  6. Nigel says ........

    The Service Bulletin is now available here:

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